The FALL 2019 Hiking tour will be to Hadrian’s Wall in northern England

Hadrian’s Wall National Trail runs for 84 miles in the north of England. The well maintained trail follows pretty closely to the remains of Hadrian's Wall for a good portion of the trail. The wall was built by the Romans on the northern border of their empire in 122AD. The trail has a few climbs and a lot of history along the way including Roman forts and settlements. The path also leads to friendly local pubs, market towns, and plenty of breathtaking views. Most of the trail runs through the countryside and small villages, with a few sections that pass through the cities of Newcastle and Carlisle. To find out more about our Spring 2018 tour to Hadrian's Wall please use the links below or email us a

Hadrian's Wall “Experience” Tour DEPARTURE Dates

Historic Hiking Adventures - Hadrian's Wall “Experience”
This “experience” tour will include three days of hiking the best ruins of Hadrian's Wall
Arrival/Departure City:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Fall 2019 (7 nights/8 days) - Arrive: Saturday, October 12, 2019 - Depart Saturday, October 19, 2019