Overnight in upscale hotels and inns that have been chosen to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your adventure. The hotels and inns where we stay extend a warm welcome to hikers and offer traditional British hospitality.


Historic Hiking Adventures will take care of getting your luggage to the next night's destination while you spend the day hiking or sightseeing. The only items you will need to carry in your backpack will be your provisions for the day.


Transportation is provided via luxury coach throughout the tour.  On most hiking days there will be an option for a half-day opt out for those wanting to rest, shop or sightsee.

The Crown Hotel

items included with your tour:

  • Stay in upscale hotels and inns
  • Transportation via luxury coach
  • Expert presenters
  • Most meals included
  • Activity level options - 3 or 6 days of hiking
  • Luggage transferred while you hike
  • Entrance to museums and historical sites
  • Escorted Tour

One of the upscale Inns on the tour
Drinks after a day of hiking
Local Restaurant