Hitting the trail works out your brain as much as it does your body. Hiking is a very effective way to destress from your crazy and hectic life. In addition to the physical exercise, when you are hiking in the great outdoors you have time to think and relax your mind for a good portion of the time you spend on the trail which is a great way to combat stress.  When you hike in nature, and its beautiful surroundings you disconnect from the stresses of your everyday life and instead absorb the peace and beauty that surrounds you,

Hiking also relieves stress through physical exercise. The aerobic exercise from hiking increases the levels of endorphins and boosts your internal system for stress-management. Hiking is the perfect way to get a serious workout without adding a lot of pressure on your joints. Trails are generally softer on joints than the pavement.  Heading out on the trails on a regular basis can improve your physical well-being by getting your body out of the sitting position from working all the time that is so hazardous to your health and can also help to decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The mental benefits of hiking are tremendous, giving you time to think without distractions. Whether you use your time taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors around you or spend the time in silence to think deeply about what's on your mind. The combination of the physical and the mental exercise is very effective at strengthening your body's internal stress management system. 

Overall all we believe that hikers are happier people, especially when they are out on the trail. Getting out in nature, away from the day-to-day grind (and especially a break from technology) allows us to connect with ourselves in nature, in a way that fosters an overall sense of well-being,

So, what do you do if you don't live in the mountains?  Take advantage of the parks in your area - research your city, county, and state parks for local trails to get started. It is good to go with a buddy, so invite a friend to hike with you.  If you know someone who hikes on a regular basis and is familiar with the local trails, ask them if you can tag along on a future hike.  When you go on your day hike, remember always to go prepared -  bring plenty of water, healthy snacks, a cell phone and a small first aid kit to use in case of emergency.

Say goodbye to the indoor gym, your desk or the couch, and step out for a great outdoor adventure for a healthier and happier YOU!


After a successful 25+ year career as an executive and manager for corporation giants like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Hard Rock Cafe, Nestlé, Frito-Lay, and Marriott, Matt started his company Navigator Executive Advisors, Inc. specializing in teaching job search skills and providing career transition services to both individuals and companies throughout the country. He is a published author and his book, “Job Search Skills from the Reluctant Expert,” is mainly based on his experiences of finding a new career path.  His book reached #1 in its category and started with his favorite Winston Churchill quote: “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” Matt's proudest role, however, is being "Dad" to his teenage daughter Jacqueline.


Matt was drawn to the adventure for the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and exercise, but soon he learned that the hiking tours were very effective in recharging, reflecting and reducing stress. He returned to England and Scotland several times. Out of these repeat hiking trips, Historic Hiking Adventures offering Bucket List Hiking Tours was formed. “It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the enchantment and wonderment of my fellow ‘Adventurers’ as they take in the breathtaking trails and historical sites that they would have otherwise never experienced had it not been for Historic Hiking Adventures.”

Ranging from three to six dedicated days of hiking and exploration - the tours include ample time to visit museums, historical sites, and quaint villages. 

Importantly, tours do not involve strenuous backpacking (primary luggage is transported for you each day) to enable more sightseeing and enjoyment. Finishing each memorable day with a glass of ale, wine or local spirits in a quaint upscale hotel or country inn can serve as a satisfying reward for a day of hiking.